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5 ways to quantify In-House Legal Department Achievements in PowerPoint Presentation

  • By Hajar Maider
  • October 08, 2023

It goes without saying that in-house legal departments play an important role in safeguarding a company's interests. However, quantifying their achievements can be challenging, particularly when it comes to cost optimization and demonstrating value beyond billable hours.

To effectively showcase your in-house legal team's contributions, you need to craft a persuasive PowerPoint presentation that highlights your accomplishments. In this article, we'll provide you with 5 actionable ways to quantify your team's work using real-life slide examples.

1. Reduced External Legal Spend and Improved Legal Advice

One of the most significant achievements of an in-house legal department is not only reducing external legal spend but also providing timely and concise legal advice that is practical and immediately applicable. Unlike outside counsel, who may take a long time to understand the intricacies of a specific legal inquiry, your in-house team is uniquely positioned to respond swiftly and provide advice tailored to the organization's needs.

Slide Example:

Download First Slide- Reduced External Legal Spend and Improved Legal Advice

This addition emphasizes that your in-house legal team not only saves the organization money but also adds value by offering legal guidance that can be implemented immediately, without the delays often associated with external counsel.

2. Centralized Legal Department - Timely and Cost-Effective

In today's corporate landscape, legal matters are not confined to the legal department alone. Legal issues and requests for advice come from various departments within an organization, ranging from Finance to HR and Operations. This dynamic environment places the legal department at the heart of ensuring legal compliance, managing risks, and providing valuable counsel across the board.

The visual representation above illustrates how the legal department serves as a central hub, collaborating seamlessly with different departments. It's a fundamental aspect of our organization's success, ensuring that legal matters are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Slide Example:

Download Second Slide- Centralized Legal Department - Timely and Cost-Effective
3. Efficient Contract Management

Efficient contract management is a hallmark of a well-functioning legal department. Use your presentation to demonstrate how your team has streamlined contract processes:

Slide Example:

Download third Slide- Efficient Contract Management

4. Timely Regulatory Compliance

In-house legal departments are responsible for ensuring the company complies with ever-evolving regulations. To quantify your success in maintaining compliance:

List all the processes implemented by the legal department to ensure legal compliance.

Demonstrate these processes with examples and the departments involved in incidents where adherence to new regulations was required.

Slide Example:

Download fourth Slide- Successful Dispute Resolution

5. Successful Dispute Resolution

In-house legal teams often manage disputes efficiently, avoiding costly litigation. Showcase your achievements in resolving disputes favorably:

Slide Example:

A comparison chart between cases settled in pre-litigation and those resulting in litigation.

Implementation of New Process to encourage pre-litigation.

Download fifth Slide- Reduced External Legal Spend and Improved Legal Advice

In conclusion, In-house legal departments are invaluable assets to organizations, but their contributions are often challenging to quantify. Here's a tip for presenting compelling slides that demonstrate the worth of your legal department: Keep track of the various tasks from different departments, along with their respective timelines for receiving responses. Use this data to create charts and graphs showcasing the volume of requests and the legal team's ability to provide swift and accurate responses.

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